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  5. "Anh ấy không cần phụ nữ."

"Anh ấy không cần phụ nữ."

Translation:He does not need women.

May 1, 2016



strong independent man!


How do we know it's "women" and not "the woman"? Because lack of the pronoun "nguoi"?


I have the same question. I thought "những" denoted plurals? It's accepted with "những" going from English to Vietnamese. There are a lot of confusing inconsistencies in these lessons; I'm figuring them out, but it might be better to try and make everything consistent before this comes out of beta.


Những for a group of women. Người for one woman. Nothing for "women" by itself, as in the entire women population. Same for objects. Tôi ăn táo is I eat apples (apples in general, not specifically several apples).


it's a general comment on women due to the lack of a classifier


You dont, its based on context. theres no one right way to say it.


Correct me if I'm wrong but just like saying "he doesn't need the woman" in English sounds a bit impolite, we shouldn't say "anh ấy không cần người phụ nữ" but rather "anh ấy không cần cô ấy" (he doesn't need her).


"Phụ nữ" refers to women in general. "người phụ nữ đỏ", or better still, "người đàn bà đó" prefers to one woman (that woman, the woman).


Correct solutions should be "he doesn't need woman" or "he doesn't need any woman". Using "women" would have implied he's already had a woman and doesn't need more than one.


'he doesn't need woman'is not a valid english phrase. If he can manage without any woman then the choices are; he doesn't need a woman or he doesn't need women. If you want to say he doesn't need more than one, you would do it by stressing the word 'women' in speech or adding a phrase like 'more than one' if you're writing.


yep, he needs a man ;)


If "đàn ông" is used to refer to men in general, why not use "đàn bà" to refer to women in general?

Using "đàn ông" and "phụ nữ" together in a sentence doesn't give it a symmetry. It's just like saying "men and ladies" or "gentlemen and women"in English.


Why women??? where is the plurall


He has a fleshlight


Just wait until he needs a sandwich made...


feminist trigger xD


That is sad (for him)


Is this sentence necessary? I want Duolingo to please avoid including and distributing sexist material!

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