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  5. "She does not wear a hat."

"She does not wear a hat."

Translation:Cô ấy không đội mũ.

May 2, 2016



Elsewhere you tell us to use 'một' when we see 'a'. Can you be consistent please.


I think it's not required here because the wearing of a hat implicitly carries the value of one.


I gues, but i feel that would apply to most clothing. Yet I have to say một chiếc áo.


Language is not consistent.


What is the difference between "mặc", "đội" and "mang". Why isn't "mặc" accepted here? I thought they were synonyms.


Mang is for footwear like socks and shoes. Đội is used for clothing on your head like hats. Mặc is used for clothing on your torso and leg. Here's a link that I found that you might find useful http://vietnameseconversation.blogspot.com/2015/09/how-to-say-to-wear-in-vietnamese.html There's more than just mậc, mang and đội.


If you still happen to be wondering, the distinction is made in the hints and tips of the lesson, which is available on desktop Duolingo


Thanks for pointing this out! I'd really appreciate the Duolingo developers creating an interface for these pages in the app. It's rather frustrating that all this information exists on their website but we can't easily access it via the app. The lessons would make more sense, and the course-authors' efforts could be better understood and appreciated.


Not at all, they are only ecceptionally interchangeable


I think "She does not wear hats" would be a more natural translation to english. But how would i say, "she is not wearing a hat"? - cô ấy không đang đội một cái mũ"? or would it be more natural to leave out the 'một cái'

Or do i need to wait until a later module to learn about state?


This variation and omission of previously encouraged word use is confusing.


a ? ? ? một ???


a = „một cái“, but here it is negated, so it's a phrase like „she does not wear [any hat/hats at all/a hat]“, so you need not to translate with một (but in fact it accepted my guess "cô ấy không mang một cái mũ").


cái is now accepted.


How would you say--She does not wear hats.--Would you use nyững?

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