"Jesteśmy w fundacji."

Translation:We are in a foundation.

May 2, 2016

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We are in a foundation??? Strange sentance. Sounds like its saying they are located inside a building excavation? Maybe they are....


We are in the building of some foundation (institution), like, let's say, National Foundation for Cancer Research. Although then using 'a' instead of 'the' would be surprising... but let's say that your interlocutor has no idea you were supposed to visit any foundation and it doesn't matter, than it should work. It is kind of a strange sentence now that I think about it.

Oh, also the word you mean is fundament. I think it's rather used in plural - fundamenty.


Ah tak, teraz rozumiem! We don't hear it used that way in Australia very much, more an American thing I think.

Could be "we are members of a foundation" or "we are joining a foundation" just seems a little ambiguous as "foundation" has a few meanings. Is probably fine for American learners.

Who cares, got it right anyway.

Bardzo dziękuję Jellei :)


Actually, "We are members of a foundation" is a possible, if not even better (because of the 'a vs the' problem) explanation. Google gives 11200 results for the exact phrase of "jesteśmy w fundacji". Many results seem to be connected with the so-called "1%" - in Polish tax declarations there is a section that allows you to donate 1% of your income tax to some public benefit organization - often a foundation, charity, NGO, etc. Therefore "jesteśmy w fundacji" could be used simply as a way to say that you support a given foundation year after year by this 1% rule.

No problem, glad to help :)


Yeah.....not so normal for us American learners. :)


What case is this?


The hint given for "fundacji" was that it was Genitive so for that reason I thought the answer should be "We are with the foundation," as in we are members of the foundation. That seemed like it would be right because "we" belong to the "foundation," the "foundation" possesses "us".

It was marked incorrect however, I guess the question that I should've asked myself was whether the "w" makes it Locative? (although the hint for "w" did include "with" which kind of goes with my thinking of belonging to or working as part of the foundation.)


The hints with cases in brackets are old and incomplete, we were told not to put cases in the hints, as it causes issues. As of now, there is no reliable way of showing the cases to the learners.

Yes, "fundacji" is Genitive, but it's also Locative, and this is what we have here, indeed as seen by "w".

"w" generally means "in", but as the usage of prepositions very often differs between languages, there surely is some context in which Polish "w" was translated into English "with". But the top hint, I believe, was surely "w". The top hint should always be applicable to the given sentence (although multi-word hints always go on top and that creates issues), other hints may not be applicable here.

Finally... can your interpretation also be said as "We are from the foundation"? Because that would be this Genitive "Jesteśmy z fundacji" and to me, it makes more sense as a sentence.

EDIT: It seems it can be, so I will remove this sentence and create "z fundacji" instead.

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