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Thanks a million for duolingo

Thanks a million for duolingo, finding good resources online is very difficult but duolingo has made it so easy. Duolingo fills the gaps in my regulary language learning, I have wrote a review of duolingo to show my appreciation http://www.languageninjas.com/duolingo_review/ Once more thank you DUolingo

January 24, 2013



"and there isn’t a point in knowing a language with speaking it." I guess you meant "without" here. I disagree with that though. Simply knowing how to read in another language is a worth while skill/endeavor.


it's pointless to just know how to read, I spent a long time reading Spanish and when I finish and decided to talk I lack pronunciation and speech was unnatural, speaking isn't the only aspect but it must not be ignored or substituted.


Anyway how has your progression been on duolingo u seem to be doing very well

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