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duolingo classrooms

How can I join a duolingo classroom? I practice every day Italian but some social challenge would be way more motivating.

May 2, 2016

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FYI: A Duolingo classroom is mainly for teachers to monitor their students.
On the student side it doesn't change the content. The professor can assign two types of goals ("complete this skill before DD/MM/YYY" and "earn NNNN XP before DD/MM/YYY") but the content of the courses is the same (up to the possible restriction described below).

Moreover, when entering a "classroom", the educator will:

  • see you email address
  • be able to block your access to forums and streams
  • be able to block the learning of some words (that Duolingo considers mature words, like beer, wine, blood, etc.)
  • block Immersion tab
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