"Ydyn nhw'n cael te?"

Translation:Are they having tea?

May 2, 2016

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Is "cael" specifically restricted to "have" in the sense of "take" or "get" (They are taking tea/They are getting tea) or could you say Dw i'n cael ci. "I have a dog"? I assume you can't, because in the "possessive" topic it only has structures such as Mae ci gyda fi, Mae gyda fi gi, Mae ci gynna i and Mae gynna i gi.


cael has several meanings - look at gweiadur.com for details - but the one here is as you say, 'having/getting', but not possession.

  • dw i'n cael ci - I am getting a dog
  • mae gen i gi, mae ci gyda fi - I have/own a dog


Ah, thank you, I think I get it now.

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