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Changing an adjective into a noun

Rather specific example here but if I wanted to say something like 'for my favourite' how would I go about it? obviously the first bit would be 'dla moją...' but for ulubiony would it be ulubionej or ulubiony? (genitive form of ulubiona)

Or for the masculine: with my favourite - 'z moim...' ulubionym or ulubioniem? (this problem doesn't arrive in the feminine as the instrumental endings for nouns and adjectives are the same I realised)


May 2, 2016



The first one should be "dla mojej ulubionej" and the second one should be "z moim ulubionym" If you have any other questions feel free to ask :)


So you keep it as an adjective even if you're using it in the function of a noun? Ok cool :) Thanks!


dla mojej ulubienicy(f). dla mojego ulubieńca. (m) z moją ulubienicą, z moim ulubieńcem

Using adjectives as nouns or nouns created from adjectives is very tricky.

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