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  5. "Làm ơn cứ tự nhiên."

"Làm ơn cứ tự nhiên."

Translation:Please help yourself.

May 2, 2016



Can anyone translate the last three words word by word? It's hard to remember phrase, personally.


But, you still cannot remember this phrase, you can try this way:

" cứ " in this case means you are free to do something, or you are welcome to do something.

And, "tự nhiên" in this case means you do something you like, and it makes you feel at home.


cứ = go on/just (encouragement)

tự nhiên = nature / be natural

In this way, "cứ tự nhiên" essentially means "just feel free" or "make yourself at home". If you really want the individual meanings:

tự = self

nhiên = course, match, outcome


Sadly, you couldn't translate word by word for this phrase, because it is an idiom.


Can it be used for advanced situations like doing homework or cleaning your mess or generally taking care od yourself rather than someone else do for you like going to the hospital and stuff in life?

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