"Làm ơn cứ tự nhiên."

Translation:Please help yourself.

May 2, 2016


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Can anyone translate the last three words word by word? It's hard to remember phrase, personally.

March 10, 2017


But, you still cannot remember this phrase, you can try this way:

" cứ " in this case means you are free to do something, or you are welcome to do something.

And, "tự nhiên" in this case means you do something you like, and it makes you feel at home.


Sadly, you couldn't translate word by word for this phrase, because it is an idiom.


This sentence sounds quite awkward to me.

Like: Puuuuleaseeeee..... save yourself.

When my mom says "lam on", she is nagging me. "cu" to me sounds like saving which is a type of helping "tu nhien" in this context sounds like on your own

I can be totally wrong =P because i was not born in viet nam and am not a navite

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