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  5. "Wciąż jesteś dzieckiem."

"Wciąż jesteś dzieckiem."

Translation:You are still a child.

May 2, 2016



Why not jeszcze?


They're similar and quite synonymous, but 'jeszcze' would have a bit different meaning here. Although I guess that both would be probably translated into English the same way... I really don't know whether 'jeszcze' should be accepted or not.

"Wciąż jesteś dzieckiem" makes me interpret it as "You're still a child at heart, with your childish naivety and behaviour". It's like "you were a child, and your time as a child is not over yet".

"Jesteś jeszcze dzieckiem" sounds as a simple "You're still a child, you're too young for that". It's like "you are a child, you will be an adult, but not yet".

But these are of course just an individual's thoughts on the differences.

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Can jesteś and wciąż be switched? "Jesteś wciąż dzieckiem." ?


It seems to me that "Wciąż jesteś dzieckiem" is a bit stronger, but your version looks fine to me and it's accepted.


I don't know the exact spelling but with my colleagues I use in spoken language 'nadal' to express the word 'still', can this word be used here instead of 'wciąz'?


What about "You are a child still?"

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That is not the normal English way to say it, but it might be formally right. It sounds archaic or poetic. I wouldn't use it in a discussion with your teenager son... :-)

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