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  5. "Die Schulen sind klein."

"Die Schulen sind klein."

Translation:The schools are small.

May 2, 2016



Why are "little" and "small" not synonymous?


    No idea about why. "Small" is the most neutral-sounding word - it just describes the relative size and has no other connotation most of the time. "Little" also kind of implies that it's a bit cute, childlike, etc.


    Makes sense. I'm still used to the synonym, but good to know going forward.


    Why in the world is "the schools are little" considered a mistake???


    Interesting... So making a plural from Schule doesn't get an umlaut i.e. Schülen. One to remember!


    So making a plural from Schule doesn't get an umlaut i.e. Schülen.



    I've been using either "little" or "small" throughout this program as a translation for "klein". This is the first time it's been rejected. A computer glitch?


    No, rejection of "little" in this context isn't a computer glitch.

    In English, small and little can be used as adjectives, but they are not always interchangeable. It depends on the context, the nuances.

    To describe the dimension or size of a building in a factual way, use "small":

    • The school is small.
    • The house is small.

    To describe the stature of an object in a pleasant/cute way, use "little". It works better with "house" or "church":

    • I want to retire to a nice little house by the ocean.
    • They got married in a little church on a hill overlooking the valley.

    When "little" describes a person or animal, it can mean "young". For example:

    • Julie is a little girl
    • Mary had a little lamb

    There are tutorials on the internet about the differences between words with similar meanings: little small; small tiny; big large; big huge; tall high; long tall


    Agreed. But you could still describe a school as little if you thought it was cute or quaint - like a little school in a country village. And you would still use klein.


    must be. Maybe a fault.


    To better understand why is it schulen and not schule? What is its nomitive form? Also do you use sind because schools is plural?


    Schulen is nominative plural.


    how do you use and change this verb? thanks


    Conjugation of sein-to be: 1st person singular ich bin, 2nd person singular du bist, 3rd person singular er, sie, es ist, 1st person plural wir sind, 2nd person plural ihr seid, 3rd person plural sie sind


    Schools are small is accepted in English the use of the in this sentence is only allowed in a context


    the use of the in this sentence is only allowed in a context

    Similarly with die Schulen in German.

    It presupposes a context where the speaker is talking about a specific group of schools (e.g. all the schools in a particular area) and the listener can identify that group.

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