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  5. "Wales won the game."

"Wales won the game."

Translation:Mi enillodd Cymru'r gêm.

May 2, 2016



Why not Cymru ennillodd y gem


Two things:

  • It is not an emphatic sentence, so the verb comes first.
  • The spelling is enillodd - only one 'n' in the stem of the verb (enill-), rather than the two in the basic verb-noun form ennill.


How would you construct the sentence to have Wales before the verb? Mae Cymru ennill'r gêm? I've not yet come across a sentence constructed as this one is (or just don't remember).


Do you mean in order to emphasise Cymru? Very simple in this particular case - you simply change the order of the words, remembering that you need to keep the verb in the past (not change it to the present tense, as you have in your example):

  • Cymru (a) enillodd y gêm, dim Ffrainc. - Wales won the game, not France.

The a there is optional in the colloquial language, and not something that is covered on introductory courses such as this one. (It is not the same a as the one meaning 'and' - it is a relative pronoun meaning 'that/which/who/whom'.)


Ah, thank you. I didn't realize that the word order could be moved around to emphasize various words.


If gêm is feminine, why is it not "(y)r êm"? Is this particular noun just an exception to the rule?


It is a loan word and, exceptionally, it resists mutation.


I can't believe that the Welsh language did not have a word for "game"


Why is the "mi" here? I thought this was only used for (mostly NW) sentences where it was mi wnaeth ... ennill, versus (mostly SW) enillodd?


For Wales won the game I put "Mae Cymru wedi ennill y gem" I don't know why it's wrong. I suspect it's really wrong but I don't know why?


Your answer means “Wales have won the game”, not “Wales won the game”. Small but important difference.

Wedi + verbnoun translates into English as “have/has” + past participle. Wedi cannot translate into the simple past tense in English.


could this also be translated as Enillod Cymru'r gêm. Or would it then be Enillod Gymru'r gêm.


Spelling - enillodd:

  • Enillodd Cymru'r gêm.


From the English I dont think you can determine if this is emphatic or not. Earlier questions had an answer 'Gareth enillodd...' so surely 'Cymru enillodd y gêm' should be an alllowed answer?

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