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  5. "Wasi rodzice jedzą obiad."

"Wasi rodzice jedzą obiad."

Translation:Your parents are eating lunch.

May 2, 2016



Rodzice is m personal plural?


Yes indeed.


I keep seeing this in Duolingo but obiad is dinner. I know nowadays some people call obiad lunch but why isn't there an option to choose obiad as dinner


We used to have two equal "best answers", but that actually causes a loooot of angry/confused comments. We decided to treat the 'more American' version as the best and the number of some comments lowered significantly.

So the 'best translation' of "obiad" is "lunch", and I guess if you create your sentence from tiles then you may not have "dinner" as a choice. We don't control the 'distractor' tiles (the tiles with words not used in the best answer).

If you type your answer from a keyboard, then you can write "dinner" and it will be accepted.


Possible to say ' our parents eat lunch'?


Put a "Y" at the beginning and it will be possible ;)

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