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"Sie" vs "sie"

It is my understanding that "sie" (lowercase) is used for the english "her" and "they", while "Sie" (uppercase) is used for the english "you" (formal and singular). In one of the lessons I was given a multiple choice question; in the correct answer of which a "sie" corresponded with a "you". To my thinking this would only be correct if the "sie" were capitalized. Is the distinction between lowercase and uppercase necessary or am I mistaken?

June 9, 2012



You are exactly correct, there is a distinction. Germans also capitalize letters at the start of sentences though, so a sentence like "Sie essen Brot." can be ambiguous without other context.


The distinction is necessary as you supposed. "sie" is she (nominative and accusative) and they (nom and acc) and capitalized is You - formal

You need to watch the verb form to be sure which it is if Sie is at the beginning of the sentence, and in such case always capitalizes

like: Sie trinkt - she drinks Sie trinken - they/You drink

hope this helps :)

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