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  5. "An bhfuil níos mó uait?"

"An bhfuil níos uait?"

Translation:Do you want more?

May 2, 2016



"Do you need more?" should also be accepted, right?


The last word in this sentence sounds like "wet" shouldn't it sound more like "ooit"?


The "wet" sound just comes from the "oo" sound in your "ooit" being shortened so that you just have the "w" left. This shortening tends to become more pronounced as you move north from Munster through Connacht to Ulster.


It is really hard to understand the pronunciation in this sentence - it should be paired with the written words


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How to say 'do you want much more'


This is a case where the context can make a difference. In simple terms, "much more", is a lán níos mó, or i bhfad níos mó (or a number of other, similar constructions).

When you say "You need much more", you mean a large amount (a lán níos mó), but when you ask "Do you need much more?" you might be asking about a small amount - "Is that nearly enough, or do you need just a little bit more?"

So when you ask "do you want much more?", if you mean "Do you want me to give you a large amount more than you already have?", then an bhfuil a lán níos mó uait? works but if you really mean "do you have enough?" then an bhfuil do dhóthain agat? is a better translation.

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