"Cinio dydd Sul"

Translation:Sunday lunch

May 3, 2016

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How are lunch, dinner, and supper used in Wales? My (American) family says lunch for the noon meal, and uses dinner and supper interchangeably. What is the usage in Wales?

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A difficult question to answer. We've had a lot of debate on the course about this.

Historically 'cinio' was the main meal of the day at mid-day. Welsh schools still call 'lunch' 'amser cinio' ie dinner time. This was especially strong for the Sunday mid-day meal. In my childhood in the 60's this was universally known as 'Sunday Dinner' - Cinio Dydd Sul

However as patterns of living have changed the American pattern has become more and more common. However the problem for Welsh is that there is no word for 'lunch' in the language. As a result the word 'cinio' can have multiple meanings

The simplest answer is to follow the lead of the University of Wales dictionary which refers to 'cinio' as being 'the main meal of the day'.


You eat brunch on Sundays, not lunch! What's the Welsh for "brunch"? Brinio?


A quick visit to Geiriadur yr Academi would tell you that it is brecinio (breciniawau).

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