"Punt y pwys yw'r afalau."

Translation:The apples are a pound a pound.

May 3, 2016

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A pound for a pound of apples ......would not be right?

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No, because that phrase would be 'punt am bwys o afalau' where 'am' means 'for'.

This sentence is an example of an emphatic one where the word order has changed, with the most important bit of information coming first.

It's easier to understand by comparing it with the question:-

'Faint y pwys yw'r afalau?' = (lit)'How much the pound are the apples?'

The answer then replaces 'faint' 'how much' with the answer:-

'Punt y pwys yw'r afalau' = (lit) 'A pound(money) the pound(weight) are the apples.'

The answer sounds strange in English and so is transposed to the above. But in Welsh it is a perfectly, succinct interaction.

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