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  5. "У моей сестры нет книг."

"У моей сестры нет книг."

Translation:My sister does not have any books.

May 3, 2016



I'm confused by the pronunciation here. Сестры sounds like сёстры. But isn't ё (even if written e) always stressed? And don't all the singular forms of сестра have stress on the second syllable?


I can't hear "ё" there. You are right about stressing "ё" in general and about the stress in singular "сестра".

The pronunciation is really confusing, but you have to keep in mind that it's a computer-generated voice. There are some services like [https://forvo.com/languages/ru/] where you can listen how locals pronounce the words. That's a better way to get a good pronounce.


Thanks, but a lot of us non-native speakers (at least gph17 and I) are hearing a "ё" in "сестры" (9/20/2018), which is apparently wrong. DL pronunciation editors, can you check this?? If it's a computer voice, and it sounds that much like ё to us, either it's entered wrong in the computer voice, or we need to learn a quirk in phonology (or maybe both phonemes are allowed here - what do I know?).


This is probably a bug in the 3rd-party TTS (text-to-speech) software, so it may not get fixed quickly. Report the audio as incorrect.


(I'm a native Russian) the stress is correct on ы because in 'у сестры' the word 'сестры' is in genitive.


Would just "My sister has no books" be accepted? It's probably much more common usage and closer to the actual Russian words.


How would you say "My sister doesn't have the books." How is "any" demonstrated in the example sentence?


How come "My sister hasn't got any books" is not accepted? Is it supposed to be American English only?


Report it. They fix these sort of things regularly here in the Russian course.


Fwiw, that seems fine in American English.


What would be the difference for 'my sister doesn't have a book'

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