"Wziąłeś leki?"

Translation:Did you take your medication?

May 3, 2016

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Why is it "wziąłeś leki" and not "wsiąłeś twoje leki?" Should this not be translated as "did you take medicine" rather than "did you take YOUR medicine/medication?"


Firstly, it's zi, not si. Secondly, I don't know how far in the course this sentence is, there is this problem that the word "swój" (one's own) was introduced too late in the course. "Wziąłeś twoje leki" may not be incorrect, but at least weird. It should be "swoje", because it refers to the same subject (you) that's already mentioned in the sentence. Compare with "On wziął twoje leki" = "He took your meds".

Unfortunately, because of this problem with introducing 'swój' too late you've encountered many sentences that should rather use it and not simple 'mój/jego/ich etc.' But of all such usages, I personally think "twój" is the absolutely least natural and most awkward.


The "s" was a typo. I meant "z". And I have about 20 skills until I'm done with the tree.


If the object refers to the same subject, you can omit the pronoun: Wziąłeś (swoje) leki?


W jakim przypadku jest "leki?" Pomyślałam, że "leki" powinno być w czwartym przypadku.


leki są w czwartym przypadku (biernik/accusative)(kogo? co?), ale rzeczowniki niemęskoosobowe mają w liczbie mnogiej biernik taki jak mianownik (1 przypadek).

lek nie jest osobą.

tabela odmiany


The first answer I wrote in English was 'you took the medicine?' I suppose it sounds ok if one was a little surprised about someone taking something for medicinal purposes. The given answer with 'Did', would be asking for confirmation. My point being that maybe it can also be correct (my first answer), as it depends on the context and situation.


Yes, if only the Polish question doesn't start with "czy", the 'surprised interpretation' is always a valid answer. If it's not accepted, it should be reported.

Added hree.


Rare typo "hree" ;-) – did you mean 'here', 'there', or (less probably) 'three'?


"here" I'd guess :-)


"Did you take your meds?" (even if it's only one pill). (Accepted elsewhere in this course).


That's a surprising oversight, added.


Sometimes we (friends) just ask : Do you take medicine? and its not necessary to say (your medicine). Nobody should take others medicine, though :)


Are you proposing this as an acceptable answer? Unfortunately, the tense is wrong. "Did you take medicine?" is a version of your sentence in the past tense, and it is an accepted answer.


if the you is a woman/girl do you use : < wzięłaś > in that case ?


Yes. And "wzięłaś" is an accepted answer :-) .

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