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How many levels?

I'm spanish level 4, going on 5. How many are there?

February 23, 2012



Hi, I've found this in 'Help' menu: 'What are skill points and levels?

You earn skill points any time you perform a task that improves your language skills. These tasks include finishing a lesson, translating sentences, and rating others’ translations.

You reach new levels once you accumulate the necessary number of skill points for each level. There are currently 25 levels, and you can always see how close you are to reaching the next level on your Home page.'


25 levels? That is only for spanish or it's the same for all other languages?


It is for each language.


The level system seems to represent how much time you have spent on Duolingo (and so how much translation you have done/checked for them through your own learning), rather than how good you actually are at a language. So if you want to find someone who is really good (or cheated) then they will have completed a language tree with minimal points. This is the only way the system can make sense as it stands.


Sorry, nope! That will only tell you that that person is a good learner, not that he is good at that language. DL levels, as you said, only represent the amount of time (assuming more time spent = more points) that one has invested in DL.


Can you get extra for translating "Real xxxxxx from the web" ?


I just got upgraded o_O. Yesterday I had level 10 in both languages. Now I'm level 13 in German and level 11 in Spanish. I've already mastered everything in German. Still, at the moment, I can only get new points through daily practice. I wonder what they are planning to do with this level thing...


They seem to have increased the levels in the last week or so. At one point Level 10 was the highest, but now (in Spanish at least), it goes to Level 13.


I'm level 16, and I'm following someone who is level 21 (Spanish) so I know it goes at least that high.


Strange, she is only half way through the lessons. It seems you can get to level XXX just by practicing the first couple of lessons as well....She must have an extremely strong knowledge of the first half by now. :)


No, she's completed all the lessons. Also, you get points for doing translations as well, so it would be possible to advance in the levels by just doing translations and skipping the lessons.


Ok, I accept that the bug is at my side in the sys. However it is also strange that the total words learnt by Purplegamba (for whom I can also see the tree fully completed) is 1645 versus Gumbee's 1334 Spanish word. Don't get me wrong, I really have no problem with Gumbee (do not even know her in fact), just found it strange that she spent so much time with Duolingo and never finished the tree according to what I see. It is a pity I cannot post a screenshot here. A big Well done to Gumbee if she is reading this. I hope I can keep the rigour and achieve what she did already. Peace :)


I actually think it makes perfect sense that people can level up either from learning something new or practicing something old. Somebody who has gone through all of the first lessons twice will have more knowledge of those words than someone who went through all the lessons once. The second person knows more words, but doesn't know any words as well as the first person knows the simpler words. So I think it makes sense that the second person should not be considered to be at a higher level.

That's an oversimplified example but basically I do think practicing is just as good for your language skills as learning something new. In fact it may be better because that person could probably hold a simple conversation whereas the other person could have just rushed through all the lessons one time and not really retained all the words.


It also shows me that gumbee is only to °sizes°. One thing I have noticed on the learned words is that when going back through lessons new words come through all of the time. Which explains why there would be such a variance in number of words achieved through completion.


Hm, I do not doubt, she is good, don't get me wrong. I am just not sure why then the Tree does not reflect the completed lessons in her case. Yes, I am aware, that one can advance just by doing the translations and also by refreshing knowledge on previous lessons. In your case it clearly shows that you did all the lessons. Congrats, by the way! :) Nice achievement. Well done!


When I look at Gumbee's tree, it shows that she completed all the lessons. I'm not sure why you aren't seeing that.


For me 'Sizes' is the last one for her in her Spanish. There must be a bug in the system. No worries. :)


I can see Gumbee's Spanish skill tree and it shows that she has completed all the lessons


I did every single test in spanish without translating anything, which I will do now, and it leads you to level 14 and 5 points, something like that.


I've just gone from Level 9 to 10 in French, but it's the same words and phrases. When doe sit change to learning new words?

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