"Y meddyg a'r nyrs."

Translation:The doctor and the nurse.

May 3, 2016



When do you use 'Y' or 'Yr' does anyone know what the difference is? Thanks :-)

February 15, 2017


The (In Welsh):-

• If the word before (the), ends with a vowel, it has " 'r " added to the end of that word, regardless of what comes after it.

So, if the word before doesn't end with a vowel, then:-

• "Y" is used before a word beginning with a consonant.

• "Yr" is used before a word beginning with a "H" or a vowel. ("W" and "Y" are also vowels in Welsh.)

November 11, 2018


Thanks!! This helps a lot

January 24, 2019
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