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"Длина улицы около двух километров."

Translation:The length of the street is about two kilometers.

May 3, 2016



so около is always used with genitive plural when the number is 2 or higher ? is this an expection cause usually genitive plural goes with 5+


it can be used with genitive singular as well - около километра.


yeah i said 2+.i noticed the exercise with около километра.but when the number is 2 or higher it seems its always genitive plural with okolo


I have the same question? Why is it около двух километров and not около двух километра? As numbers 2-4 are usually followed by Genitive Singular.


I'm curious about this, too. Maybe because двух километра is already technically plural - even though as a sort of 'dual plural,' it takes the genitive singular form - introducing около kicks the nominal declension into genitive plural? I could be completely off base, or not explaining it well, but that's the only thing that makes sense to me.


Yes, but it's not just около.

The rule about using genitive singular with numbers applies only after the forms два/две, три, четыре (it's safer not to write numerals like '2' when talking about this!) - so два паспорта, две девушки, три окна, etc.

BUT: if the number itself needs to be in a different case (because of a preposition, or its function in the sentence), then the noun will be plural, in the same case as the number. Около requires genitive, so we use genitive двух, and genitive plural километров.

More examples: Я помогал двум студентам. I was helping two students. помогать takes dative, so we use dative двум, and студентам is dative plural.

Мы были в трёх городах. We lived in three cities. в + prepositional expresses location, so we use prepositional трёх, and prepositional plural городах.


Can't you say "The length of the street is around two kilometers."?


You can now. And "approximately" as well.


what is wrong with road?


около = around, or about in this instance, +genitive, so BOTH should be marked correct here! This word refers to an approximation of distance, hence the need for using 'about' or 'around' to emphasise the point.


I may just be missing something obvious here, but can someone help explain the use of двух here?


Около requires the genitive case, ergo два becomes двух.


"The length of the street is nearly two kilometers" was marked incorrect, with the correct answer saying "almost" instead of "nearly"; all the other words were the same and in the same order. Just wondering if this should have been marked correct. If not, why not?


I think "около" means "about" (can be a bit less or a bit more), while both "nearly" and "almost" suggest that it a bit less, but not more.


The preceding exercise's solution gives около as "roughly", and using "roughly" here gives a mistake.


"The street length is about two kilometers" should be accepted, shouldn't it?

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