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"Am faint o'r gloch wyt ti eisiau mynd i'r gwely?"

Translation:What time do you want to go to bed?

May 3, 2016



Why is it i'r gwely? I thought the 'r signified yr for the word "the". Why is it not i gwely.


In Welsh we often put the definite article in if it is a place we go to habitually e.g "i'r gwely", "i'r gwaith"(to work", "i'r ysgol"(to school).


Wait, so if the subject is a 3rd person, you use the affirmative form mae ("Am faint o'r gloch mae o eisiau mynd i'r gwely"), but with the 2nd person it's the interrogative form? Or is this wyt actually a shortened form of rwyt?


wyt can be used instead of rwyt (generally in speaking) https://www.duolingo.com/comment/14020885/Rwyt-ti-and-Wyt-ti

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