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"I am not satisfied with this answer."

Translation:Tôi không thoả mãn với đáp án này.

May 3, 2016



Is "đáp án" an answer to any kind of answer (i.e., a verbal reply as well as the answer to a math problem)? Or only the "answers" of certain situations?


"Trả lời" is the common way to say "answer" in everyday conversations.

"Đáp án" is on formal tests and applications, but Duo seems to teach "đáp án" exclusively.


It's not accepted 'câu trả lời', but it should.


I reported it (2020-02-25)


"This answer : câu trả lời này" is true answer ! (2021-02-27)


Is there only one possible answer to this sentence? Duo won't accept any variation that I can tell. Cau tra loi and tra loi are not accepted. So frustrating Duo. :(


Is there a difference in pronunciation between "thoả" and "thỏa" ? There are a few other words with two vowels where the tonal accent can be on one or the other, and I was wondering if you could hear the difference ?

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