Request: Be more forgiving about english mistakes in lessons.

I don't know how many times I repeated a lesson for making a simple mistake in english translation. At least, mistakes like forgetting an "a", a "the", etc. should be counted as misspellings.

1/24/2013, 8:59:12 PM


I both agree and don't. English is not my native language and that makes it a huge detour to learn other languages via English... I studied German before but from a Swedish (my native language) point of view which feels so much more logical to me. Still I really like duolingo's approach and I see it as a perfect chance to improve my English as well. So in that way I'm glad that duolingo is picky about English mistakes because there are some things I really need to get the hang on (word order, mostly). At the same time it's very, very, VERY frustrating when I know I could have given a perfect answer in Swedish. To produce the right English answer often feels very time consuming, time I would like to spend on learning German. Even thou my English has a lot of mistakes I still get by pretty well and feel comfortable with it, it's my German I really want to focus on. So there I agree with you.

1/25/2013, 8:59:36 AM

I'm not sure that's such a good idea all the times. It's okay if you obviously misspelled a word, but sometimes "a" and "the" can change the meaning significantly. In such case (at least for me) it's better to count it as a mistake.

1/24/2013, 9:23:26 PM

To those who approach this request with a high and mighty sentiment, as if duolingo is not filled with mistakes that cause you repeat a lesson for no reason at all, I am curious if you will still hold this position at the advanced levels. -Also, some of you seem not to be aware that duolingo itself is undecided in its english translations about when to use "the", when not use it. It is really frustrating. This is the case in the French lessons, at least.

1/25/2013, 9:05:26 PM
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