"prynhawn dydd Mercher"

Translation:Wednesday afternoon

May 3, 2016

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The way I remember this is that 'dydd mercher' literally translates to 'day mercury' which is close to the Latin name for Wednesday.


As I learned french earlier I remember the french forms but they are all derived from Latin: lundi = dydd llun (moon day), mardi = dydd mawrth (mars day), mercredi = dydd Mercher (Mercury day).

but french doesn’t work so well for jeudi = dydd Iau (Jupiter day), vendredi = dydd Gwener (Venus day), samedi = dydd Sadwrn (Saturn day), dimanche = dydd Sul (Sun day).

I also remember ddyd Mercher as market day (thinking merchant and, of course, marchnad) as that was the tradition (Wednedsay markets - marchnad y ffermwyr bob dydd Mercher) in many places. Nice that it’s mnemonic.


hmmm.... these seem to come from latin


Indeed they do.

dydd "day" is native, but the day names are borrowed from Latin:

  • dydd Llun from dies Lunae "day of the Moon"
  • dydd Mawrth from dies Martis "day of Mars"
  • dydd Mercher from dies Mercurii "day of Mercury"
  • dydd Iau from dies Iovis "day of Jupiter"
  • dydd Gwener from dies Veneris "day of Venus"
  • dydd Sadwrn from dies Saturni "day of Saturn"
  • dydd Sul from dies Solis "day of the Sun"


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