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Flash card addition.

Are there any plans to add a flash card section to Duolingo so you can practice vocabulary? It would also be nice if we could print out a vocabulary list.

May 3, 2016


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We're excited to announce that Duolingo is working on another application as part of our mission to bring quality education to the world. It’s a flashcards app designed to help you memorize anything in a scientific, gamified way! Our hope is also that this application can enhance the Duolingo experience as a way to practice language vocabulary.


Also, here are a list of Memrise courses from my Vietnamese Learning Materials post:

Duolingo Vietnamese (work in progress; a new course I just made!)
Vietnamese Basic Pronunciation
Vietnamese in Pictures
Vietnamese Titles and Relations (Northern)
Vietnamese Alphabet and Tones (Southern)
Vietnamese Alphabet (Northern)
Sounds of Vietnam
4 Vietnamese Kick-Starting Sentences
Spoken Vietnamese for Beginners pairs with the lessons over at SEAsite
Vietnamese for Dummies (Northern)
(The last one might be a bit more difficult than the others due to the volume of words and incomplete pronunciation)

May 3, 2016


That is great news! I tried creating flash cards with Quizlet which is a good app, but it would be wonderful to have the flashcard feature embedded in Duolingo. This is really the best language learning app around.

June 1, 2016
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