"Dobra kawa"

Translation:Good coffee

May 3, 2016

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Is it just me, or is the TTS really correct here? I think it sounds like 'dobrE', not 'dobrA'.


Hmmm... the last sound of "dobra" is indeed kinda unclear, like a schwa.

Well, it should be a clear Polish 'a', obviously.


In English we often say a fine wine, although not often for a "fine" coffee


The "fine" in "fine wine" is akin to saying it's expensive and of superior quality, while saying "good wine" is more like saying it's "not bad".


:D I can understand the translation of "Good coffee" well by Chinese thinking. (good quality, tasty or bla, bla, without article) But I know it sounds strange for English native speakers. It is better to be corrected. Like "the good coffee".


Why isn't fine coffee correct for Dobra kata?


Yes fine is high quality wine, or coffee.


Yes, and that would make sense if someone were describing an exclusive coffee, such as kopi luwak or another specialty coffee, but it would sound very out of place if someone refered to a plain old cup of Brazilian arabica as "fine coffee" to point out that it was "dobra kawa".

Saying "Fine coffee" is more like saying "Ekskluzywne kawy".


Could I not say that's a good coffee? I'm not sure how I would ever say 'good coffee' as a standalone.


That's not what the phrase (it's not even a sentence) says. It's totally out of context, so it just calls for a literal translation.


Why Dobra instead of Dzien? am i missing something with the difference between the words. I thought Dzien was good also. So why dobra.


"dzień" doesn't mean "good". "dzień dobry" is literally "day good", in this order.


When should i use kawa and when should i use kawą


"kawa" is the basic, Nominative form of the word, it's mostly used for the grammatical subject of the sentence.

"kawą" is Instrumental, mostly used after the preposition "z" = "with" (z kawą = with coffee) or in sentences like "This beverage is a coffee" = "Ten napój jest kawą". For this particular noun, it's probably not the most common form.

You're much more likely to see Accusative "kawę", used for the direct object of most verbs, e.g. "Piję kawę" = "I am drinking coffee".


What would be the difference between dobra and dobrze? Since both mean good from my understanding


"dobrze" is an adverb, so it mostly translates to "well". (although this one also works for "OK", "Fine" and similar).

"dobra" is an adjective, a feminine form. "kawa" is a feminine noun, so they match.

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