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Hearing the difference between Elles and Elle + conjugations?

Something like: "Elle boit..." and "Elles boivent", how can you hear the difference between the two? The conjugated verb sounds the same, as does the Elle/Elles. Is there some trick to this?

June 9, 2012



Often they are just homophones. 'Elle boit' and 'Elles boivent' have a different pronunciation in that you will hear the 'v' sound of 'elles boivent'. In other cases, though, for example 'elle mange' and 'elles mangent', the pronunciation is simply the same. There are a number of instances in the French language where differences are only shown in spelling, not in pronunciation. There may be other indicators - possessive pronouns (think of her and their) for example - but you will come across this later. It's often just a question of context showing the difference. I appreciate that this may be causing some problems with the listening and writing in French task, but hopefully it will be addressed by the developers soon.


I believe that in the instances where you have to write out a sentence and the singular and plural sound the same, both answers should be marked correctly (unless context indicates one or the other) or another method would be to include in the directions that the answer has to be either singular or plural...

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