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Vietnamese Audio for everything

Having the option to hear audio for every problem would help tremendously since it's so difficult for English speakers to pronounce.

May 4, 2016



I agree with this strongly. I've been holding out on putting much effort into this course until they get full audio like the other courses.


The course contributors have stated that a limited budget meant that not everything could have audio. If a particular word is tripping you up, I recommend forvo.com, where native speakers of many languages (including Vietnamese) upload pronunciations. You could also give google translate a go, though I'm not sure of the quality.


Seriously? How much would it cost? I thought the reason it doesn't have audio is that it's in beta so sentences are still changing and if a sentence is changed, the audio has to be removed.


No idea what it costs, but it's Duolingo's budget, and their call (not the course team's). I don't know if more audio might come down the road.

For what it's worth: I've been enjoying the audio that we do have, and find the voice actor to be quite pleasant to listen to.


It's a program that is free for us so it's not like we are paying the contributors anything. There are a lot of people who like this program the way it is... free, and very educational. This Vietnamese learning track for english speakers is new and I appreciate that we have it now. The other language sites/apps where you have to pay like Busuu, Babbel don't even have Vietnamese and the price of Pimsleur and RosettaStone is ridiculous in my opinion. I use forvo and find it is a pretty nice tool, and very helpful.


Syntaxosaurus is correct - adding "real audio" is very expensive. It's also very time-consuming. These are the two main reasons that the "real audio" courses (Vietnamese, Irish, Ukrainian and Esperanto) can't have audio on every word, only on the sentences (and even then, some sentences miss out).

Duolingo would strongly prefer the courses to have computerised TTS speech, as it is a) far less of a drain on resources and b) you can have audio on every word.

Unfortunately, for the language like Vietnamese, there was either no TTS available, or no suitable quality TTS.

Doesn't have anything to do with being in beta - it won't change when they graduate. What "may" help is if a language can get up to the level of creating a Tree 2.0 in future, which may have more audio added (I think the Esperanto guys said they were).


I contacted many big companies specialized in TTS or auto-generated voice message. None offers Vietnamese TTS. The closest one you can get is a STT (speech-to-text). Unless Duolingo can get their hand on Vietnamese TTS in a near future, this course should not be expected to be fully covered with audio. Sadly.


http://translate.google.com has Vietnamese TTS which to my inexperienced ear sounds pretty good. Is it really OK? And isn't it possible to use it? There are tools that can create mp3 files for download from it (like http://soundoftext.com/ ).


Yes this new TTS is very clear. I have been recommending other users to use Google Translate TTS for Vietnamese audio. Everyone can feel free to use. However, Duolingo cannot and will not use this TTS for the course.


Why can't DuoLingo use the Google TTS? Do they not make it available to outside sources?

It seems like it's just a matter of time before something is available.


You can't simply use other company's product without permission or at least Google states it's in public domain. And yes, Google also makes it unavailable to outside use.


I would really like the ability to donate money towards this to make it more likely to happen. I bet there would be a lot of demand and like, if a lot of people chipped in they might have a lot of funding that could help make it happen.


Hmm.. What i mean is that they already have audio, so why not apply it to each exercise as an option to click on for our reference (even if it isn't an audio exercise)?


I don't think they have the audio for all the sentences, just the ones we already hear. But it is still great we can start with the course, I have already learnt a lot with the few skills that i have done :)


Guys, don't get me wrong! I think it's awesome that we have what we do. Just making a suggestion!


I would love to have each sentences covered too but it's not my call.

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