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Did I just lose all of my progress? :'(

I just tried to switch my native language (to Russian) and learn English. I seem to be unable to return to my previously studied languages. Where did my progress go?

May 4, 2016

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You've probably already figured this out, but to return to English:

  • hover your mouse over your name (sohlt) on the duolingo trask bar at the top of the page
  • select from the dropdown menu the second item (Настройки), which is your account settings
  • select the second item on the right (Язык обучения) to set your language of instruction settings
  • at the left in the dropdown menu labeled Учить язык choose any of the "I want to learn . . . " selections to specify learning some language from English
  • click on the green Сохранить изменения button above the dropdown menu to save your changes

Your screen will refresh, w/ English showing up as your base language. Your progress has not been lost, but from now on Duo may have some trouble deciding which progress to display for the same language being studied from more than one base language (or something like that).


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