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  5. "I am a perfect man."

"I am a perfect man."

Translation:Je suis un homme parfait.

January 24, 2013



Doesn't do much to dispel the stereotype of French arrogance.


Why is "Je suis un parfait homme" not corret? We had the BAGS-rule -> G -> Goodness - or am i wrong?


I could be wrong, but maybe the BAGS rule applies to most cases, but not all?


No you are perfectly correct


... Or you may be perfectly (absolutely) incorrect. I guess the point is that the word "perfect" does not exactly concern to the category of Goodness, you can't always say perfect goes with good (what if you personify a perfect evil ? ) :)))


what's the BAGS rule?


The BAGS rule is an easy way to remember which adjectives go before nouns. B=Beauty, A=Age, G=Goodness, and S=Size. If you have an adjective that fits into one of those categories, it will likely go before the noun in the sentence (but not always, as you can see in this example). If you want more information, you can check out http://french.about.com/od/grammar/a/adjectives_4.htm

Hope that helps! :)


this was very helpful, thanks!


So the conclusion is that "perfect" is not part of the BAGS?


why have i translated this sentence four times and have yet to find the I am a perfect woman equivalent??!?!!


Interesting point, but this isn't Duo being sexist. It gives us a few phrases repeatedly in an attempt to give us a better understanding of general use of words :)


When do we use noun before adjective, and when the other way


So, is the reason parfait is not considered the same as good (although it is in this context obviously), is because it wouldn't be across the board then? I'm speaking on context of placing the adjective prior to the noun.

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