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"Nein, er ist nicht mein Freund."

Translation:No, he is not my boyfriend.

January 20, 2014



How does one differentiate between 'friend' and 'boyfriend' in German, and also between 'female friend' and 'girlfriend'?


Very often it depends on context.

Some people (like me) make the distinction between meine Freundin (my girlfriend) and eine Freundin von mir (a female friend), i.e. use the difference between genitive case and genitive in form of von plus dative, but again, not everyone does.

(The equivalent for boyfriend / male friend would be mein Freund / ein Freund von mir.)


"Nein, er ist mein Freund nicht" is incorrect ?


That's right, it's incorrect. (Except maybe in poetic language.)


Why is it not "er ist nicht meinen Freund"


The word "Freund" is masculine. Der only turns to den when in the accusative position. Even though it may seem like der Freund is the direct object in this sentence, the fact that a conjugation of the verb "sein" is present makes it act like the subject of the sentence.

"Er ist mein Freund" "Er hat meinen Freund" (Kidnapping case vielleicht? xD)


I understood that 'nicht' comes always with extension (i.e "He's not my friend, but my brother"). We don't have it here.. why is that?


That's correct for indefinite nouns, i.e. when you would use ein, eine.

But definite nouns ("the", "my, your, etc.", "that") use nicht.


Duolingo pronounces "er" absolutely wrong - it should be revised.

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