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  5. "Did you make the breakfast?"

"Did you make the breakfast?"

Translation:Wnest ti'r brecwast?

May 4, 2016


[deactivated user]

    Still don't know the difference between words like frecwast/brecwast.

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    Frecwast is derived from Brecwast but the initial consonant is softened. There is an explanation in the unit 'May I' with a table and there are further resources online and mentioned in the forum elsewhere.

    In the Celtic languages some initial consonants are softened to make the language 'flow' better'. There are various patterns to this.

    For the learner the most important thing is to know that it happens and to recognise that 'Brecwast' and 'Frecwast' are the same word.

    In the past tense (ie this unit) the direct object of the verb is 'softened'.

    eg. I had breakfast= Ges i(I had) + brecwast = Ges i frecwast.

    [deactivated user]

      Until I read your reply I had no idea there was information for each of the units, as I had only ever used my phone and this information is not present in the (Android) app.

      How many others may be in the same boat?

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      Quite a few unfortunately since the mobile app doesn't give access to the notes. This is an ongoing discussion between course contributors and Duolingo. There is a workaround, if you access Duolingo on Android (or any other platform) using a browser then you can get access to the notes.

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      I was over halfway through the French tree, using the Android app, before I discovered the tips and notes on the website!


      It drives me insane.


      Are all mutations used in both written and spoken form? Or are mutations used only in spoken form?


      Yes, they're always written as well as spoken.


      Will they be written differently? Like both being written as brecwast, but one said as "frecwast"


      I must have missed something...why is there a soft mutation at the beginning of the sentence?


      Because it is a question - have a look in the course notes for an explanation of this and many other points of grammar and vocab.


      Thanks I literally found it right after I asked the question

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