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"I do not like to carry heavy books."

Translation:Nie lubię nosić ciężkich książek.

May 4, 2016



Isn't 'nosić' to wear?


Can be, but the first meaning is to carry.


Those last two words are a mouthful


Hmmmm, "I do not like" is a separate part of the sentence from the noun phrase " to carry heavy books" so I would have thought that "heavy books " would be accusative, rather than genitive, as it is the direct object of "carry" which is not negative. I am guessing this is something that needs to be remembered rather than being logical


Well, it's still negated, I'm sure that "Nie lubię nosić ciężkie książki" is wrong :) But to tell the truth, there are situations in Polish when I am not actually sure if negation calls for Genitive or if it's 'too separate'. But this is not one of them.

Perhaps it's easier to see it if you rewrite the English sentence to say "I do not like carrying heavy books"?


do you use 'nosić' here instead of 'nieść' because it's more like 'i dont like to carry heavy books (in general/around)', or something of the sort?

what if i were to say 'nie lubię nieść ciężkich książek', would 'i don't like that i'm carrying this book (right now)' be a proper--albeit loose--translation?


We discussed it, and although "nie lubię nieść" somehow doesn't immediately scream "it's wrong!" to me, I think we have to say that it is, that general 'not liking' something needs 'general' verbs, and after all "nieść" is happening 'right now.

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