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"Ni vidas la ĉielon malantaŭ la domo."

Translation:We see the sky behind the house.

May 4, 2016



A couple of questions: When I first translated this, I thought it was: "We see the sky from behind the house." Is that correct? If I wanted to see "from behind", should I say "malantauxe"? Or should I add the accusative to domo? Or both?


"Ni vidas la ĉielon de malantaŭ la domo. "


Can malantaŭ also be used to mean "after"?


When talking about time it is "post"


I played the sound several times and kept hearing “ĉiron” not “ĉielon”. I guessed that it wasn’t right - unless it had been in a science fiction story or something similar (ĉiro = tendril) - but just couldn’t work out what it could be.

I like it that the speech (or my hearing or the sound reproduction on my ipad) is not always perfect. It gives me the chance to try and think in Esperanto to try to work out the meaning. This time I failed but I am improving. Some things that I couldn’t hear properly in the course last year are now obvious.


Is there a different word for heaven?


In many cases I still have to guess, whether the speaker says "ni", "mi" aŭ "vi". Ĉu tio estas problemo de tiu parolanto aŭ de la lingvo mem?

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