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  5. "Chào buổi sáng, Việt Nam!"

"Chào buổi sáng, Việt Nam!"

Translation:Good morning, Vietnam!

May 4, 2016



This course has a lot of famous American sayings but not many well-known Vietnamese sayings. I think if you learn Vietnamese, you want to know what Vietnamese are saying, not what Americans are saying. You would never hear a Vietnamese say this (Chào buổi sáng).


"You would never hear a Vietnamese say this (Chào buổi sáng)"? -> This is not true. I usually say that to my friends online and sometimes face-to-face. It's more of a warm greeting than just Chào (name) which is a boring everyday saying. Have you ever heard the song "Chào buổi sáng"? It all comes down to personal preference though.


It is also true that Vietnamese people often speak to Americans in English as well as I am Vietnamese and I also speak to you in English.


We even do not greet each other. A friendly smile is enough for most of the time.


Yes! This is really surprising for me when I see the family of my wife.

One time we were going to a town and we randomly saw his brother going on the opposite direction of the road. They went off the road to talk, but no "hello" or similar, they directly talk whatever.

And when we are eating, some people from the extended family just sit and starts eating or get up before the rest finish. This is quite unthinkable in Spain.

I wonders if this happens in all Vietnam or just in the south.


How do you talk to your friends without greeting each other


The notes in Basics 2 do mention that this expression is not really used day-to-day. I admit I've always hated this particular quote because of the way it makes light of military occupation but I don't want to be that guy. Some recognisable pop culture is certainly fun for non-Vietnamese as they labour through the tree. Also I think I read that there are prizes for those of us who find the eggs?

I agree with you that more slang would be nice, but then everyone in all trees wants more slang.


There's no problem with saying Chào buổi sáng in our country. If you don't want to be that guy, just leave out the Việt Nam part in "Chào buổi sáng, Việt Nam!" and replace it with your friends' names. We welcome everyone to greet us in Vietnamese. ; )


I'm Vietnamese. Let me tell you that if a foreigner can say "Chào buổi sáng" confidently and clearly to us. We welcome him more than a guy who sees us and say nothing. We accept "Chào buổi sáng" with foreigners though it's a little bit strange if native speakers speak that way.


The whole point of learning a language is to blend in, to be treated like a native, not to be stuck out like a sore thumb. How can you be confident to speak clearly if you know what you're saying no natives with the right mind would say it?

My point is, wouldn't it be better to teach them Vietnamese greetings? If they have no interests in what Vietnamese are saying, they wouldn't try to learn the language in the first place.


My 2 cents from a totally external point of view. I'm italian, from Venice. I would find it pretty weird if a complete foreigner who just started with the language, would try to use a local greeting. Maybe even slightly presumptuous.

I wouldn't get offended, but i would definitely appreciate the effort to say normal phrases first. Local slang is more something you get by living in a place and sorrounding yourself of native speakers, not something you get with an language learning app.


Very true! And when slang is used incorrectly, you stick out even more then if you were to have stuck to the "mainstream" sayings. Before you start using slang make sure you understand it properly! In which situations is it used? With whom? Etc etc. I would never dive into slang immediately because it's too risky and I've seen people learning Dutch trying to come across as a native speaker but it just made me cringe inside. I appreciate the effort of people learning such a small language like Dutch, I sure do, but if you don't understand slang yet I'd rather see you using "normal" sentences. Sometimes I don't even understand what people mean when they're attempting to use slang and it makes me feel bad because they're trying! :(


I of course have no idea if it would be the same for vietnamese people as for italians ^^


Purpose of course is to teach you how Vietnamese works, not to provide you with what you might say. How provides universal functions whereas what is limited to a specific situation. Be grateful for imaginative flexibility!


This sentence makes me both happy and sad...


Its also a film about lots of people dying


When I went to Vietnam I forgot how to say this so I was telling all my relatives " chao buoi sữa " lol


When I was in Vietnam I saw a lot of t-shirts for tourists with the phrase "Good morning Vietnam". I think it is a reference to Apocalypse Now, right?

For me it's bad taste to walk in a country dressing with a humorous reference to a war that killed a lot of people and caused too much suffering in its population.


No. It’s a reference to Good Morning, Vietnam, a 1987 movie starring Robin Williams


Like the movie lol

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