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Preparing A2 German

Hi All,

This is Rajesh from India. I completed A1 this month from Goethe Bangalore, India. Due to time constraint I am not able to learn A2 in class room therefore, I decided to learn A2 on line. Will duolingo be sufficient to pass A2, If yes please help me out which are the lessons in Duolingo I should learn to pass A2.

Regards, Rajesh

May 4, 2016



You should learn all the skills. Also you need some other sources. In this pdf you find the listing of the words with sentences for the A2 test. http://www.goethe.de/lrn/prf/pro/hdb/Pruefungsziele_Testbeschreibung_A2_Fit2.pdf


There are many opinions here and there is one guy who reached B1 with DL and practicing at home with movies etc. I do not think it is enough.

Duolingo has almost everything you need, but it is missing more reading and listening comprehension, talking and some important grammar points are not here. You may want to take memrise official A2 and the courses in Deutsch Welle, German interactive and Deutsch Warum Nicht, and you need an old fashion grammar book or learn grammar online from About German or similar. I agree with Louis.vang take check the contents of A2. A2 is not difficult and you can do online, after A2 things get more difficult without a teacher online or in person.


Thanks a lot for the suggestion. Can you please share the contact of the person who has completed B1 with DL.

Regards, Rajesh


I do not remember his name. He did not take the official test, he was placed for the Goethe classes in B1.


I´d say that if you complete and KNOW the whole German tree, you could pass A2. I have completed the tree and also had classes beside it. But for the test, you will need more of text-understanding, and getting the meaning of a text mass. That is not in Duolingo. To really be sure of making the test, you need to read some German texts and grasp the general meaning.



Duolingo is a general language course and not designed to help you pass A2. It will help you understand the language, but if your goal to pass A2, I would suggest looking elsewhere.


In addition to your Duolingo activities consider taking a two week Superintensiv Deutschkurs ( 80 tuition units/hours) at a Goethe Institute, preferably in Germany, followed immediately by the A2 Examination - expensive but very worthwhile. It is probably not possible to pass this Exam using only Duolingo.

Ich wünsche Ihnen viel Glück.

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