"It was Siân who was working last night."

Translation:Siân oedd yn gweithio neithiwr.

May 4, 2016

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I don't get how the Welsh translates "It was Sian who was working last night." It looks more like "Sian was working last night" to me.

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The statement 'Siân was working last night' would be normally 'Roedd Siân yn gweithio neithiwr'

If the word order is changed then there is extra emphasis on Siân.

'Siân oedd yn gweithio neithiwr' is now 'SIÂN was working last night'

In speech this meaning is clear with extra stress on the first word and in Welsh the change in word order makes the meaning clear.

There is no written way to distinguish between 'Siân was working last night' and 'SIÂN was working last night' in English so we tend to translate it as 'It is Siân who was working last night'

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