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  5. "Есть размер побольше?"

"Есть размер побольше?"

Translation:Is there a bigger size?

May 4, 2016



"Is there a size bigger?" didn't work. Even though that's how I would naturally say it, I'm assuming it is not proper English grammar and therefore not accepted?


i said the same and it was wrong too. the english question "is there a size bigger?" is VERY common. it implies "is there a size bigger (than this)" this should not be counted wrong.


I was wondering the same thing...


What about saying a size larger. ....ie going up by just one size whereas a larger size just means anything bigger.


My answer "is there a size bigger" should have been accepted.


Is there a size bigger? -- wrong 12/1/19


Do побольше and больше both mean bigger?


Yes, from the tips and notes:

" A BIGGER/SMALLER SHIRT: From the Adjectives skill you might remember «бо́льше» and «меньше» as words for "more/bigger" and "less/fewer/smaller". Since these work as adverbs, it is problematic to use them with nouns.

Instead, the words «побо́льше» / «поме́ньше» are used AFTER a noun:

Я хочу́ стол побо́льше/поме́ньше. Да́йте я́блоко побо́льше. This works with some other popular adjectives: подлинне́е, покоро́че, полу́чше. When not used with nouns directly, these have a colloquial quality.

Actually, with adjectives other than большо́й/мале́нький you may resort to «бо́лее дли́нное пальто́». However, «бо́лее большо́е»? No. Just no."


Is there a specific reason побольше comes after the noun? In most cases in duo lingo so far the adjective comes before the noun.


how is "is there a size bigger" wrong?


I don't know when to translate by bigger or larger because when I write one it ha, actually to translate by the other...

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