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In a select all correct translations question i had "The cook has cheese on the plate" and was marked incorrect for choosing both "Il cuoco ha formaggio nel piatto." and "La cuoca ha formaggio nel piatto."

Shouldn't the female also be correct as the english is non-gender specific?

January 20, 2014



Both the answer are correct: one if the cook is a gentleman, one if the cook is a lady. Next time, check the flag "My answer should be accepted".


Sadly I was using the phone app, where that's not possible.

Actually I didn't even know about this website until I wanted to report that error! Now I realise this was first.


IMO, this is a prime example of why we need the half hearts. The response typed was not incorrect, but it was marked wrong. If one reads the comments in the lessons, you can see that this is a common occurrence.


Or maybe Duolingo could indicate which gender is supposed to be used, without having to simply guess.

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