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  5. "Cô ấy là con ong đó."

" ấy con ong đó."

Translation:She is that bee.

May 4, 2016



These sentences are really ridiculous.. "She is that bee" "he is that goat" "there is a bat in the train station". Not any words that you would ever really use in a real conversation, nor do they help anyone understand how to speak the language. I'm a native vietnamese speaker and these are incredibly strange sentences to me.


You must be new. Welcome to Duolingo and is there anything I can help you with?


I think he means the sentences "Cô ấy là con ong đó" is not used often in real conversation and that sentences is not useful


It's meant for learning the vocabulary, not preparing us for real-world conversations (yet). Duolingo assumes that we can form comprehensible sentences, such as "Đây là cái phòng của bạn," which, as far as I know, isn't a sentence yet.


I'm sure you can teach us vocabulary using "real-world conversations" that will be necessary to know on arrival to Viet Nam. When we arrive in Viet Nam,we may not be able to say, "Hello. We are happy to be in Viet Nam," but we will be able to say, "She is that bee." That will be wonderful and very useful, right?


Before you say "I'm sure...", I would recommend you to get to know some other language courses on Duolingo as well as the making of language course in Incubator.

Now I'm not saying our course is perfect, it's not even good enough and we are still working on improving it, but assuming Duolingo courses to meet your standard of language learning wouldn't help you.


And, on that note, thank you so much for working so hard on these courses for us. I think quite a few people on here don't realize how hard you and other contributors for other courses all work to make Duolingo a possibility.


plus, if you want that, then use google translator.


As a foreigner, the strange sentances help me remember terms better. I may not use the full sentences but it does help me remember the bits and pieces.


And as a native Vietnamese speaker, I'm sure that you started speaking fully formed, cohesive and useful sentences when you were first learning to speak... If someone just wants to memorize useful phrases, they can find that in many places and shouldn't be using Duolingo. The learning structure of Duolingo is to teach sounds, patterns, and structure in a memorable way that will allow you to expand and grow as you progress.


Welcome to Duolingo. ;)


Welcome to duolingo, embrace the absurd.


It's to practice the words and how to form sentences.


These sentences are to get the viewer used to the alphabet.


Are there specific instances where you would use "đó" rather than "kia," or are the two interchangeable?


Check out the Tips & Notes section: for this course, they're not really going to be using kia, but they say that technically they are interchangeable.


I checked the Tips Notes and didn't find much information about why or if they were invariably interchangeable. I just wanted to make sure, so yeah, thanks.


ah evidently 'kia' is less frequent but refers to objects that are further removed from speaker and addressee.


Oh, so it's more of a distal pronoun, rather than a proximal one?


i'd say so (well, a distal demonstrative to đó's medial)


It'd be nice if they put this in the Tips & Notes and let people look it up if they don't understand.


If you want useful phrases you can learn by rote, use Google translate. If you want to actually learn a language properly from the ground up and not be confused and inundated by interchangeable and limitless nouns, then use Dualingo. I can see the point of these lessons even if others cannot.


You get the most from practice. We are learning how to independently create our own sentences instead of memorizing from a phrase book.


I only practice my lessons on my phone app. Is there any chance of somehow getting these "Tips and Tricks" available on the phone app?? It would be wonderful!!!


Shouldn't beginners like us have a greater need for voacabulary such as , "Hello", "How are you?" "Where," When," "What," "How much does this cost?" Most foreign language courses begin with what a foreigner needs to know on arrival to the country.


That's what the "Phrases" skill is for. After that, it's learning the stuff that will let you communicate actual ideas, which is what the essence of language is.


The Bee Movie 2?


ah good i did need to know that, phew


What do you mean this is so ridiculous you wouldn't use this language in a real conversation. :/ ???????


She stings like a b...beee


Could be somebody talking about a child who performed on stage in a bee costume. :P


I think in the context of "watch out, she might sting you." It's a warning that she's a vicious person.


For when you're looking for the queen bee.


Gramer. Cannot talk to bees


wtf Bee is Ong ??!!


+1 to the haters. language learning needs to have a context that is applicable to real life, or it is easily forgotten. Sentences like "She is that bee" are totally decontextualized, and therefore the structure is not very likely to be retained in memory.


Most of the time I agree with duolingo that you should be learning all of the language but this one is completely ridiculous. Vietnamese is already an incredibly difficult language to learn and sentences like these do NOT help

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