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  5. "Làm sao để bắt đầu?"

"Làm sao để bắt đầu?"

Translation:How to begin?

May 5, 2016



"How to begin" isn't a valid question in English.


Should "How does one begin?" also be valid?


"How to begin?" is an expression used in English but it is not a complete sentence. Consequently, "how to.... " works as translation here but isn't a very good standard way of translating "Làm sao để + verb." It is problematic with almost any other verb.


"How do you begin?" or "How do you start?" are the best natural English translations.


It's almost like a question you would ask yourself.


The English, "How to begin," has neither a subject nor a finite verb. It is technically not a sentence in English. Albeit, people do say it sometimes instead of "How shall I begin?"


When do i use lam sao vs nhu the nao?


I may be in the minority, but when I'm taking a Vietnamese lesson, I strongly prioritize Vietnamese over strict, formal English.

I assume 90% of everyone here is fluent in English. Let the lesson focus on teaching Vietnamese.


When the English isn't clear it is sometimes hard to decide what the Vietnamese actually means. That's probably not the problem here though. "How to.....? " just isn't generally very useful as an idiomatic stock translation for "làm sao để.... "


As a language program, I think it is equally important to use grammatical correct verbiage in both English as well as Vietnamese. However, I may well be in the minority too.


As a native english speaker, i have never heard (nor have i ever used) "how to begin" as a question. "How do i begin" or "how does it begin" are better translations.


How to get started should also be accepted.

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