" hiệu này đại diện cho chúng tôi."

Translation:This symbol represents us.

May 5, 2016



the audio is not "ký hiệu", it's "kỷ niệm"

June 5, 2016


trong câu ta k có từ the audio mà bn

June 5, 2016


ý mình là câu này audio nó đọc là "Kỷ niệm này đại diện cho chúng tôi" chứ ko phải "Ký hiệu này đại diện cho chúng tôi" nghe rất chi là bối rối, ý b là sao?

June 5, 2016


ukm mk hỉu r^^

June 5, 2016


Bạn report a problem luôn nhé

May 20, 2017


Is there a difference between ký hiệu and biểu tượng?

December 14, 2016


Ký hiệu

From Chinese 記號 ‘mark, note; sign; ideogram’

Mandarin: jìhào

Cantonese: geihouh

Hokkien: kì-hō

Ðại diện

Apparently a Vietnamese-originated Sino-Vietnamese compound*, from:

  • 代 ‘replace(ment)’

Mandarin: dài

Cantonese: doih

Literary Hokkien: tài

  • 面 ‘face; surface, plane; aspect, side; dimension’

Mandarin: miàn

Cantonese: mihn, mín

Literary Hokkien: biān

*Chinese Wiktionary has an article with a Russian translation saying it means ‘mask’ and some other stuff, but no other dictionary I have knows this word.

November 5, 2016


How can people downvote these posts? This is good information, even if you do not care.

October 7, 2019


Duo has not correct its audio yet. It still sounds kỷ niệm which is incorrect.

March 29, 2018
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