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That's it, I'm done for, I have started to dream in (not very good) Esperanto

This morning I was having one of those mixed up dreams which gets kind of weird scary but not really. I was fighting with someone over posession of a large kitchen table yelling 'estis mia tablo,' over and over again when it blew up in my face in a sheet of purple and orange flames, I screamed some thing evildea would say , ie 'f** al mi' and woke up.

Next stop better dreams and better esperanto, but its some kind of proof bits and pieces are sinking into my unconscious mind.

May 5, 2016



Hehe, good good, let it flow through you >:D

In all seriousness though, that's pretty cool. I was at work yesterday and one of my co-workers said "Hola" to me to be cute. I very nearly and instinctively whipped around and said "Kiel vi fartas?" but I stopped myself halfway and I just smiled and waved. It was a cool feeling though.


Indeed, i think its pretty cool too. And i am infecting others. i have managed to convince my brother to try it, he's got a friend interested, and they are both at level six now ( three days in) one or two of my sons and my husband are almost roped in . Mwahahaha.


If you had said "fartas" they probably would've either laughed or looked at you weird (probably the latter)


I love dreaming in different languages. It only means you'll forever have it engraved into your subconscious. Good luck with your Esperanto, hopefully it opens an unimaginable amount of doors of opportunity for you within your personal life.

I'll be starting Esperanto in January of 2018, with Duolingo and numerous other programs! I cant wait.


Eighteen months before you know the joys of esperanto! Thats a level of self control i just don't have


I'm just super busy with other languages so I have a list of upcoming languages and time set aside... bleh being an adult is LAME!


Still, that's somewhat odd? You know Esperanto is easy and helps with language acquisition, so why not push it to the top of the list? Just curious. :)


I'm intermediate in 6 languages that I've been working on over the past couple of years and I also I grew up with 3 languages because I lived in 3 different countries in my youth and I have a total of 14 languages under my belt over the years. My goal is fluency in 4 of the languages I'm currently working on. I use many different programs, along with music, tv shows, movies and interacting with people via skype. I just don't have time for adding any new languages at the moment. I'm still working on building strength in other languages.

Esperanto, Hebrew, Swahili are 3 languages I plan on working on, but I'm currently too busy! I heard Esperanto is super easy, from a lot of people and sources and I cant wait to jump into it. When the time comes, that is!

Good luck learning! :)


Cool! I have a bad memory but I don't think I meant for my tone to come off as critical as it did. That's awesome you know so many languages!


Why can't you start now?


I already explained why. You're just trolling.


I once very nearly ordered from a restaurant in Esperanto. I shall aim for this, though.


I will probably do that too, any day now.

Its not bad progress considering its been exactly two months today since i started working on esperanto properly. I still can't say much ( as opposed to reading it which is going swimmingly ) and i get very tongue-tied when i try to put anything together from memory without checking I have the right word but still, i am mightily encouraged.


Once you've started to dream in the language you are learning, I think it should motivate you! How cool is it that you have dedicated yourself to Esperanto, that you subconsciously use it?! Keep on going, you're doing great.


Thanks, i think i am well and truly hooked now.


Haha, that's cool! Here's a description (in Esperanto) of my first dream in Esperanto, for your entertainment :-P : http://lang-8.com/788969/journals/166130704776142882453930585192184221434


Well, you know what they say. You have learned a language, when you start having dreams in that language.

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