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Help rolling r's?

I have tried and tried to roll my r's but haven't been able to do it. I've done it on accident before, so I know it's possible. Can anyone suggest some articles/videos/tips/anything!? I'm desperate and I feel silly learning Spanish without the rolled r.

January 25, 2013



Great question damalojo! It took me a while to get my head around this too. The best way is to pick a funny sentence or a group of words you like with "r"s in it and say it out loud as often as you can each day. I used to practise every time I got off the bus to walk home. Try doing it with this tongue twister-

Erre con erre cigarro, Erre con erre barril. Rapido corrren los carros, Los carros de ferrocarril.


Thank you! I'll try that! :)


I had a friend from Cuba who was in grammar school in the 30's. He said this was the practice drill that was used to teach them when roll their R's. It's almost the same as yours Erre con erre cigarro. Ere con ere barril. Rapido corren los carros, Sobre los railes del ferrocarril.

As I remember it, he said in addition to the double R's, you should also roll the R if it is the first letter in a word.


This video was really good by a professional voice coach from New York who is doing a series of many voice skills worth to be learned! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-K_ksKvK6U


Spanish rolling R


Youtube has a videos for those with this problem.


Do you know what it's titled or a link?


I found this video extremely useful. I managed the rolling 'r' after a couple hours practising, based on what the girl has advised in the video. To say actual words in a good way took me 2 days. Anyway, the video is a very good start. if you manage to vibrate then all you have to do is practise.... practise a lot ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKRQMCHlONU


Oh my gosh, I've been learning Spanish for four years and I still can't do it. Going to Spain for six months on Thursday so hopefully I'll pick it up there! YouTube videos and step by step instructions haven't been helpful to me. I just can't make my tongue do that!


I have helped some people and it is not difficult (unless you have a problem and not able to say it anyway). My recommendation is not to start with words but sounds. like BRRRRR, the sound of a dog growling, an engine... little by little you will place the tip of your tongue right behind your front teeth and make it vibrate while expelling air.

Do not get to worry about it though. Everybody goes through it so do not be ashamed to speak!

Good luck though... and sure if you have doubts about your trip please ask


A lot of the recommendations on here are a few years old, does anybody have anything new that might be useful? I can sometimes trill my r after I try for a few minutes but I can't fold the sides of my tongue up so videos all about tongue position aren't very helpful for me unfortunately. Thank you!


I was taught to roll my r's by repeating the following phrase over and over as quickly as possible: POT OF TEA. It worked for me and my classmates and hopefully for you as well.

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