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"Sie kochen mit verschiedenen Zutaten."

Translation:They are cooking with different ingredients.

January 25, 2013



I discarded this translation because "you guys" seemed too informal to go with the polite form "Sie." What am I missing?


I don't understand your question. Can you reword it?


I believe they changed the English translation since I wrote this. The English translation I saw was "You guys are cooking with different ingredients."


Oh right, makes sense then. You guys is not a correct translation of Sie.


Sie can also be the third person plural of the verb (they). Since it is at the beginning of the sentence, it's not necessarily meant to be the formal Sie (capitalization at the beginning of the sentence is obligatory, of course).


I think the word 'different' is ambigous in translation. It might mean that they cook with other ingredients than us. Therefore a better translation would be: 'They cook with various ingredients.'

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