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"La lampada nel bagno è verde."

Translation:The lamp in the bathroom is green.

January 20, 2014



no lamps in the bathroom health and safety


you can have a bathroom light though, so it should accept bathroom light as a proper answer


it’s about being specific. the bathroom light is green would be “la luce del bagno è verde”. here they are specifically talking about a lamp (lampada), not a light (luce)


Can bagno mean toilet too ?


i know you asked 4 yrs ago, but maybe somebody else is curious about this. toilet is “il gabinetto”


Here's a tip for you DL. In English the item which is called, in Italian, una lampada is properly called a lightbulb.

Thus to use the word light in this context would be, and is, correct.

Learn from the student comments, please, DL and stop marking this incorrectly.


A light bulb is "lampadina", "lampada" is a lamp or light fitting. Whilst "paralume" is lampshade. An online image search for those words gives plenty of distinct examples. That said I think it would be unusual to have a green light in a bathroom, but maybe that's the point, so the strange phrase sticks in your head and you remember the key words.


Can "washroom" be accepted as answer for us Canadians please? :)


can restroom be accepted?


"Toilet" had been accepted as a translation for the Italian word "bagno" until now. :/ Is this because of context? I mean I can have a lamp in my toilet, right? :/


Aren't bathroom and restroom equivalents?


I should should allow toilet also but i got it wrong


toilet is il gabinetto


The green lamp is in the bathroom. Is ok?


Can someone please tell me why in another lesson the translation for "in the bathroom" required "...in bagno" and marked "nel bagno" as incorrect, but now the translation for "in the bathroom" is stated as "nel bagno"? When do you use "in" vs nel, nella, etc? HELP!


When your answer is correct and it says you are incorrect. Even letter for letter it is the same. What do you do to satisfy the system?


The robots cannot be understood

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