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  5. "Người đàn ông là anh ấy."

"Người đàn ông anh ấy."

Translation:The man is him.

May 5, 2016



The man is he. "To be" is not a transitive verb. It has no object.


I debated between putting "he" (gramatically correct) or "him". I thought about some real life examples and realized I and others in the U.S. would use "him" at least in casual conversation, even though grammatically incorrect. In writing, depending on my reader, I would probably use "he" some of the time. It is similar to the use of "I" or "me". For example, while knocking on a friend's door, "It's I", sounds very odd even though grammatically correct. I say and always hear others say, "It's me".


Is it the same word in Vietnamese for he and him?


Yeah theres no distinction between he/him, she/her, they/them, I/me, we/us in Viet.


How can i translate a whole sentence without knowing the meaning of each word used.


"The man is he" is not something I ever say in English!! Can you give some context to how you might use this in Vietnamese??


Duolingo uses "the man is he " often. Is it that vietnamese often doesn't translate well to English?


I got it wrong because i mised the accent on the i, bruuuuhhhh

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