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  5. "You are women."

"You are women."

Translation:Các bạn là phụ nữ.

May 5, 2016



How come in this instance we don't use "người" in front of "phụ nữ"?

Edit: Example: "Các bạn là người phụ nữ" verses the correct answer "Các bạn là phụ nữ".


The woman, you can translate "người phụ nữ" or "phụ nữ" but translate "người phụ nữ " hear more friendly.


I believe in this sentence, phụ nữ is used with the same meaning as nữ giới (female).

That we say "Các bạn là phụ nữ" also means "Các bạn là nữ giới", while using "người phụ nữ" doesn't mean that.

When you want to tell that someone is woman (~ women), for example "My teacher is woman", you should say "Giáo viên của tôi là phụ nữ".


this would be also intersting to me to know...


I agree. Why doesn't the "người" marker apply here? Or, if it does, why doesn't the lesson count that as a correct option?


From what I'm learning, the người classifier adds an implied "the". So, it depends on the context. If you want to say "You are the women", you'd say Các bạn là người phụ nữ. But, in this case, we're just saying "You are women," which does not include the người. Is this correct?


Yes, it is! Here is phụ nữ actually used for the female gender, not as a person.


It is lacking as here "women" is considered a generic plural.


The introduction to this lesson says that các and những are interchangeable and can be used indistinctly. Here is clear that this is not accurate.


What introduction? The app just throws you into the lesson wothout explanation


PC version have lesson introduction for every lesson. People have been begging for this for years, buy its still not added to the app versions.


Cac ban is one word..... one word that standard English doesn't have...2nd person plural. Folk from southern US states use y'all and Scottish/Irish folk use youse.


We used "những" in the phrase "những đàn ông...", so why not with phụ nữ?


The discussion is quite confusing. How using Các before Bạn makes plural of Phụ nữ ? and not bạn ? * If I use Các before phụ nữ instead at beginning of sentence would it be wrong?


I believe Cac Ban is the equivalent of You(plural), similar to how French has the pronoun Vous which also means you but in a plural context.

if you were to use "cac nguoi phu nu la ban" it would translate to "the women are you" whereas in "cac ban la phu nu" the pluralization of woman here makes sense because it is modified by you (plural). after all, it wouldn't nake gramatical sense if you went to a crowd of people and said "you are woman"


So then, is the plural for phụ nữ implied since các is used with bạn?


phụ nữ (noun without classifier) = woman (singular) or women (generic plural)


Why do you have to say Cac and not nhung? I thought they were interchangable


I think i get it! Cac before ban makes "you" plural, like "you all are coming". Then when you say "you all are females" it can be translated as "you are women." I still dont get why you cant use nhung though


Aaah, the problem confusing people here is English not having a Second Person Plural (although it doesn't take much brainpower to work out what answer the Qu wants, given the title of the lesson!). Maybe Duo could change this to "You all are women"


của mình là: bạn là phụ nữ


That would mean - You are a woman.


Why do we have to add các?


The instructions ought to read "Mark the correct translation".


It translates to "All of you are woman." To help us understand, the translation accepts many different answers, hence "You are women."


Bạn là những người phụ nữ was my answer and I got it correct? Hummm


"Ban la nhung nguoi phu nu" was my answer and it was correct. Why?


I wrote “ Ban la nhung nguoi phu nu “ I got Correct. Why?


It accepted my point of view which was "Ban la nhung nguoi phu nu" (my mind thought : "You. are. Plural. Woman.") despite the Translation being completely different.. im concerned im learning it wrong haha..


Dùng ông bà già tao lo hết nó mới chấtttttt :))))))))))


Why can't bạn là phụ nữ be accepted?


The answer is just above...


Why is the sentence 'Các bạn là phụ nữ' and not 'Bạn là những người phụ nữ'?


Because phụ nữ (noun without classifier) means woman (singular) or women (generic plural). So, depending on the required translation, you must coordinate the subject with the attributive in numerous: các bạn for the plural you (all) or just bạn to express the singular you. Not all words can be literally translated into English or – the other way round – into Vietnamese. Sometimes you simply get the best version of it by rendering its meaning:

– Bạn là (người) phụ nữ: you are a woman, sg. tense

– Các bạn là (người) phụ nữ: you (all) are women, pl. tense

Finally, the use of các together with bạn is idiomatic (instead of những).


" Bạn là các phụ nữ " was marked correct. why is it correct?


The tips portion of the plurals section says this about Các and Những: "They can be used interchangeably throughout the skill tree." If I am interpreting this sentence right, what is wrong with "Những bạn là phụ nữ" instead of "Các ..."?


The difference between các and những is basically that các is used to express that every or all elements of a group (within the context) are included, whereas những is used to say that only certain elements are included, not all.

Then, các is usually used for humans, những for both humans and things, but I always use các for bạn rather than những and never heard it from native speaker as well.


Các người phụ nữ việt nam. – The vietnamese women (all of them without exception).

Những người phụ nữ việt nam. – The vietnamese women (some, not all of them)

As you can see, in both cases you have plural (women).


You may want to look into tat ca and tat ca moi.

Cac ban is really just one word.... y'all or youse is the best English translation.


Why is th word 'cac' in front of 'Ban'? Wouldnt that translate to "all these people are female"


Because bạn means you (2. pers. singular) or friend and not people, which is mọi người.

One determined person is classified by người (người đàn ông = (the) man/người phụ nữ = (the) woman).

To express the 2. pers. plural you, use các bạn.

All these people (3. pers. plural) would be tất cả những người này.

A good translation of the original sentence – You are women (intended as an information about the gender I guess) is – Các bạn là phụ nữ.

Các bạn là người phụ nữ would rather mean – You are the women... (who won the race for example).


nhung ban la phu nu

is it possible to use "nhung ban la phu nu" ?


It sounds weird, use các instead. It is an idiomatic and not grammatical matter I guess.


Why is bạn plural when women is plural?


" Bạn là những người phụ nữ." why this answer is incorrect?


Because bạn is singular, but những người phụ nữ is not.

So you need to write các bạn là (những người) phụ nữ for a plural subject/object (you all are women) or bạn là người phụ nữ for singular (kind of you are female). You simply have to be consistent with it.


Tớ đang xóa thì lại ấn vào nút


Why các and not những

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