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  5. "Bạn nghe thấy tôi không?"

"Bạn nghe thấy tôi không?"

Translation:Do you hear me?

May 5, 2016



Holy hell that dude spoke fast! @_@


dido. i reported a problem being auto way to fast


I know right! I didn't understand a word he said except for "Bạn"!


theres apparently a way to slow down the speech. some keyboard shortcuts. anyone knows if they work?


Why is "can you hear me wrong"


Do we need 'thay'?


I'm a bit confused as to why it's not "Don't you hear me" if there is a "khong" on the end


As i understand it. the (có) _ không construction is just a question structure for yes/no questions and the words themselves do not have a significant impact on the content of the question.


I hear you now...it took me about a dozen times to "hear" it. I am down to two more, so far, that sound to me like the world's fastest talking man did it.


So does anybody know if thấy is used in Vietnamese the same way 了 is used in Mandarin Chinese? Just trying to make some sort of good way to memorize when/how it's used.


The translation makes it sound like a yes/no question. Shouldn't there be a "phai khong" at the end because of that?


Do you hear me is almost certainly not a good translation. "Do you hear me?" is not a common thing to say in English. In English we use tend to use can for questions with verbs like see and hear. Can you see me? Can you hear me? Not do you hear me. This usually implies that the speaker is annoyed and it is more of an instruction. ie I want you to hear me.


why not "are you listening to me"?


I have the feeling that Duolingo prefers gramatical structure over meaning. So Duolingo relies on similar structural forms in preference to answers that mean the same thing. So they have given the gramatically similar 'do you hear me', when I suspect that a better translation is 'can you hear me'. 'Can you hear me' is not functionally equivalent to 'do you hear me'. Although 'do you hear me' can be functionally equivalent to 'are you listening to me'. So IMO you did not deserve the negative point.

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